Is JPI a Statewide firm?

Yes, JPI is a statewide consulting firm serving Florida.

Does JPI service public entities?

Yes, JPI at this time is 100% committed to governmental services with no conflicts of interest.

Has JPI served private entities?

Yes, JPI served private entities in the past and has the capability to serve them in the future. JPI prefers to serve select private clients.

What is JPI’s primary service area?

JPI is a statewide firm primarily serving Florida. JPI’s current work mainly resides within the Tampa Bay metropolitan area (including Manatee and Sarasota counties), Orlando metropolitan area, and within the I-95 corridor from Martin County north to Nassau County.

Where is JPI seeking to expand?

JPI is a statewide firm seeking to expand throughout Florida. Currently, JPI is seeking to expand our Tampa Bay, Orlando, and I-95 service areas.

Who is qualified to work at JPI?

Mostly, JPI hires Licensed Engineers, Architects, and Building Code Professionals. Occasionally, JPI hires permit technicians.

How is working for JPI?

Generally, our feedback is that JPI is a relaxed work environment with the foundation for career growth in both the short and long term.

What is the long term plan for JPI?

JPI’s long term plan is to further infiltrate into the Florida market by diversifying our services organically with clientele. In addition, JPI wishes to re-establish their presence in a variety of engineering and technical service lines within the background of the founder, Mr. Payne.

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